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The Clinic for Adult Attention Problems, P.A. provides psychological evaluations for ADD or ADHD, as well as a variety of other disorders, including depression and anxiety. If you have trouble with excessive activity, poor focus, disorganization, or need help with daily struggles, our clinic can help.

Adult ADHD Diagnosis If you feel that you’ve been showing ADHD behaviors, your first step is to book a consultation with Dr. Dawn Brown at The ADHD Wellness Center in Houston. As a double-board certified psychiatrist and someone who lives with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder herself, Dr. Dawn is an expert in diagnosing ADHD in adults.

Adult ADHD/ADD Medication: Adult ADHD treatment involves a multi-prong approach. Counseling and medication together to help you control and manage your symptoms. Working with a medical doctor to manage your ADHD with medication can also be helpful. For help with Adult ADHD Treatment in Houston call us at