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Sex in Ireland might not be as overt as in Amsterdam or Germany but it is still an important part of modern Ireland. From the rise in dogging and popularity of swinging to the porn trends of the Irish and how to get a hook-up, we give you a summary of how the sex stats stack up in Ireland.

That’s why UK Strip Clubs decided to add our Ireland section back in , the popularity of the area for people coming from the UK and the sheer number of clubs there made it a shoe-in for inclusion. There are 26 clubs, not just in Dublin but Cork, Waterford and Galway, up and down the country.

May 11,  · It could be the amount of swinging that goes on behind closed doors. Ireland has several big name swingers clubs operating from major cities as well as a large community of swingers and doggers. From Dublin to Cork, Limerick to Wicklow, there’s a swingers club in Ireland near to Staff Writer.