IV Critical Care Infusion Drip Chart - adult drip rate


Drip Rate - Regulation, Calculation, and Monitoring adult drip rate

IV flow rate (gtts/min). Therefore, the IV flow rate is mL/hr. Example 2: mL of antibiotic is to be infused over the minutes by an infusion pump. Calculate the flow rate (mL per hour). Step 1: Determine your givens. Volume: mL Time: min Step 2: Convert min into hours since the flow rate must be stated in mL/h.

The medication order for a patient is ml of a drug over a 3 hour period at a drop rate (drip factor) of 15 gtt (drops)/ml. What is the drip rate in drops/min? The application rate of the medication is ml in 3 hours at 15 drops/ml.

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