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Testing for Swallowing Disorders. An SLP can test you to see how you eat and drink. You want to see an SLP who works with adults with swallowing problems. The SLP will. ask you about your health, past illnesses, surgeries, and your swallowing problems; see how well your mouth muscles move.

Adult Dysphagia. Overview. The scope of this page is swallowing disorders in adults (18+). See the Dysphagia evidence map for summaries of the available research on this topic. A swallowing disorder, known as dysphagia, may occur as a result of various medical conditions.

Introduction to Adult Swallowing Disorders, 1e [Michael A. Crary] on biliardas.info *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This practical guide provides a hands-on approach to diagnosis and management of swallowing disordersCited by: