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The domestic pig (Sus scrofa domesticus or only Sus domesticus), often called swine, hog, or simply pig when there is no need to distinguish it from other pigs, is a domesticated large, even-toed biliardas.info is variously considered a subspecies of the Eurasian boar or a distinct biliardas.info domestic pig's head-plus-body-length ranges from to m (35 to 71 in), and adult pigs typically Family: Suidae.

May 11,  · Swine flu appears to be a mild illness, just like seasonal flu, for an otherwise healthy adult. But it has been observed that some people are at a higher risk of getting infected with the H1N1 virus, and developing severe complications. Individuals who are at more risk of developing a serious illness due to swine flu are:» Pregnant biliardas.info: Chandramita Bora.