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This is the map and list of European countries by monthly average wage (annual divided by 12 months) gross and net income (after taxes) average wages for full-time employees in their local currency and in euros. The chart below reflects the average (mean) wage as reported by various data providers.

The average wage is a measure of total income after taxes divided by total number of employees employed. In this article, the average wage is adjusted for living expenses "purchasing power parity" (PPP).The wage distribution is right-skewed; the majority of people earn less than the average biliardas.info an alternative measure, the median household income uses median instead of average.

May 10,  · Read below for more information about average salaries based on factors such as gender, education, and more. Average Salaries for US Men and Women The BLS reports that,in the first quarter of , men earned a median salary of $52, annually, while women earned only $41, or % of what males earned.