Can adults take Flintstones vitamins? - - can adults take flintstone vitamins


can adults take flintstone vitamins

Jan 17,  · Yes, adults can take Flintstone Vitamins if they can't tolerate adult brands, or prefer the sweet taste of the kid's vitamin. Types of Flintstones Vitamins There are eight types of Flintstones vitamins for adults and Jody Braverman.

Flintstone vitamins have less of everything compared to an adult vitamin. So, while you can take it as an adult, it won’t supply the full nutrition value that is recommended for an adult. This is a picture of the Flintstone nutritional value.

Adults can take Flintstones Vitamins according to the manufacturer. The dosage for adults varies depending on what type of vitamin you choose. Adults need to take one Flintstones chewable vitamin each day; if they prefer the gummy variety, they must take two per day.