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In adult men, the condition can result from surgery on the urethra, ongoing use of an indwelling catheter, or procedure to treat an enlarged prostate gland. In females, this condition is present at birth (congenital). Less commonly, meatal stenosis may also affect adult women. Risks include: Having many endoscopic procedures.

Meatal stenosis is when the opening at the end of the penis becomes narrow. This condition is usually acquired but can exist from birth. Meatal stenosis is mostly linked with circumcision and is rarely seen in uncircumcised males. It’s likely that the newly exposed tip of the penis (including the.

Meatal Stenosis in Adult Male brendanla. I have been getting semen/mucus trapped in my urethra and it has caused a split urine flow. It corrects itself after about 6 days but then continues to happen about once every 6 weeks. I am circumsized. My doctor told me today that he is worried that the slit/opening to my penis has developed some scar.