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The barramundi (Lates calcarifer) or Asian sea bass, is a species of catadromous fish in the family Latidae of the order biliardas.info species is widely distributed in the Indo-West Pacific region from South Asia to Papua New Guinea and Northern biliardas.info fish Family: Latidae.

The Japanese seabass, also suzuki (Lateolabrax japonicus), is a species of Asian seabass native to the western Pacific Ocean, where it occurs from Japan to the South China Sea. They inhabit fresh, brackish, and marine waters of inshore rocky reefs and in estuaries at depths of at least 5 m (16 ft).Class: Actinopterygii.

The name Barramundi comes from the Australian Aboriginal language, while Asian Sea Bass is broadly used in the international market. Barramundi is a popular aquaculture species and is farmed in Australia, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Israel, Thailand, the .