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France Ad Well, looky up ahead. It's the arc de triomphe. On a vision recumbent, you'll see things you'd miss hunched over handlebars. And with aerodynamic advantages over traditional bikes, it'll take you to all the really good places really fast.

R44 ASS 16 inch front, shorter frame x ENLARGE > x June 9, - **Vision R44 Recumbent bicycle w/understeer, vision gear bag and spare parts** **US $** speed Vision R44 recumbent with rare lower steering and original Vision gear .

Vision Recumbents is out of business because their expansion including the purchase of Winkle Wheel resulted in debt which they could not support when the economy had a downturn. Vision's assets were sold piece-by-piece at auction in March of Finding replacement parts for a Vision like a seat frame, USS handlebar or front fork with their USS attachment is very difficult.