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It's A Great Day (for Me To Whoop Somebody's Ass) lyrics: Have You Ever Had One Of Those Days when Nothing Goes Right your Wife Starts Bitchen 'bout Whatever It Was She Was Bitchen About Last Night so You Escape Into T.

Dec 22,  · "I'M ABOUT TO WHIP SOMEBODY'S ASS" by Ray Hagins. They told me that my song was the song that Bruce Arians uses to inspire his team to "go out there and whip ass." Over the years my song has been used in thousands of ringtones, by military units on patrol, and even as a warning in various places of employment as a way of saying to.

Comment by Tom Barders. nothing like taking somebody to church by whoopin their ass. TZ. Users who like I'm About to Whip Somebody's Ass; Users who reposted I'm About to .