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Oct 01,  · If you have facial scars and other injuries, you need the best possible lawyer to help you get what you deserve. As you can see, the value of facial scar injury cases vary wildly, and one of the reason is the quality of the victim's legal counsel.

Sep 15,  · She suffered a facial scar and injuries to her head, neck, and right foot. Her neck problems were serious but in this case, the scar to her face seems like a critical part of her case. The dump truck’s insurance company, Progressive, agreed to a $, settlement with the victim at a mediation before trial. , Texas: $, settlement.

Sep 05,  · The scar continued to improve. I got him a $, settlement for a scar on his leg from a car biliardas.info is one of many many settlements for an out of state visitor who was injured in a Florida car accident.. $K Settlement for Scars and Broken Arm (Slip and Fall) On April 20, , Angela was staying at the Legacy Vacation Resorts in Lake Buena Vista, Florida.