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May 01,  · Breast milk is a complete food containing everything a baby needs for around the first six months of life, including iron. Although levels of iron in breast milk aren’t high, a baby is also born with iron stores (extra iron stored in the blood). Breast milk will normally have the perfect amount of iron to complement these stores until a baby starts eating solid food.

Jan 24,  · Breast milk contains very little iron; therefore, the American Academy of Pediatrics External recommends that infants who only receive breast milk (exclusively breastfeed) will need a supplement of iron each day at a dose of 1 milligram of iron for each kilogram of body weight; this supplement of iron should start at 4 months of age.

Oct 12,  · Hypothesis 3. Breast milk may have evolved to have low iron as a mechanism for protecting infants from infection. Bacteria require iron to survive and reproduce, and many infections in young infants begin in the GI tract. What little iron is present in breast milk is bound to an iron-binding protein called lactoferrin.