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Discover Colin Farrell famous and rare quotes. Share Colin Farrell quotations about films, character and home. "I've never seen a moon in the sky " Login Sign I don't believe that marriage is for everyone. So much of life is begging to be chosen how it wants to be lived. Much more than most of us realize." - Colin Farrell,

Sep 23,  · Leto has been the topic of gay rumours for years and has even fuelled them by saying that he’s “gay as a goose” and that he regrets not fucking Colin Farrell when he had the chance. Recently, Alexis Arquette claimed that she had sex with Leto before she transitioned and described his dick as being as big as a “Praetorian Guard’s.

Nov 17,  · Colin Farrell has taken to writing an op-ed to defend his brother and defend the potential of gay marriage in his native Ireland. Farrell, 38, wrote in Ireland's Sunday World that his brother Author: MICHAEL ROTHMAN.