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Non-heterosexual is a word for a sexual orientation or sexual identity that is not heterosexual. The term helps define the "concept of what is the norm and how a particular group is different from that norm". Non-heterosexual is used in feminist and gender studies fields as well as general academic literature to help differentiate between sexual identities chosen, prescribed and simply assumed.

Heterosexual people love people (sexually and romantically) of the opposite gender.A heterosexual man loves women. A heterosexual woman loves men. Another less formal word for heterosexual is straight.. People who are not heterosexual may be homosexual, bisexual or biliardas.infon society is mostly heteronormative, which means that many people believe that most of the population is.

Jul 20,  · heterosexual (plural heterosexuals) A heterosexual person, or other heterosexual organism. Synonyms (heterosexual person): straight (especially in the plural), hetero, breeder (humorous, often offensive) Antonyms. homosexual; Translations.