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Nov 28,  · Eden Beach at Hawksbill Bay, Antigua Head to Hawksbill Resort and pass through the white gate at the top of the hill at the Southern end of the resort to visit Eden Beach, Hawksbill Bay’s clothing optional beach. Also referred to as Hawksbill 4, this is Antigua’s only nude beach.

Mar 27,  · The naked truth about Antigua's only au naturel beach. Bored of Caribbean resorts that are more blah than wow? Get yourself to Antigua's Hawksbill Beach Resort and you'll see right from the get-go this isn't your average hotel.

Sep 15,  · Hi we have been to Eden Beach twice and it certainly seemed perfectly safe. As you can see from Photoman's great photos, it's pretty much part of the resort -- we always park in the lot right outside the resort and walk in, you sort of walk to the far left of the resort, up a hill, through a gate with a sign posted that it is a clothing optional beach and there you are.