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Jan 30,  · I WANT to know how to spank my teen daughter for punishment.? She had seriously been acting up lately!!!! I told her that I was going to give her a big punishment. She is grounded for two weeks and she is still acting up!!! I have decided that, as my last resort I will spank her. As an answer don't give me any of that, dont do it biliardas.infoers: 2.

Esme - My daughter is only 5 so my fiance and I have not needed to spank her as time-outs are still effective however, being that your daughter is 12 I don't see what else you could do besides an occasional spank here or there.

But in the beginning here is an desciption of how i spank my daughter: I am a moher of one girl. She is 16 years old. Before i write something about her spankings i want to tell you, that i really love my daughter and only want the best for her. When my daughter is really really naughty, i use spanking as punishment.