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Teenage Pregnancy and Drug Abuse: Sources of Problem Behaviors. ERIC/CUE Digest abuse denial parental substance teen

PARENTAL DENIAL: THE GUARDIAN OF TEEN SUBSTANCE ABUSE Just because you don’t think alcohol or drugs are contributing to the problems you’re having with your teen, don’t rule the possibility out! No matter how great a parent you are, you lack the objectivity to see your son’s situation clearly. If he actually does have a Continue reading Parental Denial →.

Teen Substance Abuse - Parental Denial Many different factors are thought to play significant roles in the problem of teen drug and alcohol abuse. There is one such factor, however, that is known to be of critical importance and yet receives relatively little attention from caretakers and researchers.

Sep 15,  · Parents' View of Teen Drug Use: Your Kid, Not Mine necessarily mean parents are in denial or oblivious to abuse issues, says study researcher Bernard .