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First person shooters (FPS) are some of the most popular games available on PC, and for good reason: they present quick and thrilling action where players war against robots, demons, and even each other. Back in , it was a first-person shooter game — "Doom" — that was installed on more computers worldwide than Windows

Here are some of the best game demos available for FPS games, and they can all be tried out on Windows and Mac for free. From aliens on distant planets on in Halo Combat Evolved to WWII first person shooter demos like Battlefield and CoD, there are a some great demos out there for FPS fans to download, even letting you get in on some multiplayer fragging!Author: LE.

The Painkiller Resurrection demo from Homegrown Games and JoWood Productions gives players the opportunity to try out the first person shooter that puts them between Heaven and Hell fighting their way out of Purgatory.